Mobility 1 – Italien – Resia – Bedeutung der nationalen Identität

Das erste Arbeitstreffen Mobility 1 in Rahmen des Projektes From intention to implementation based on European know-how fand vom 11.10.2017 — 15.10.2017, Resia, Italy statt.

Das Arbeitsprogramm und Fotos dazu sind hier zu finden…

Work Programme for Mobility 

11.10.2017 – 15.10.2017, Resia, Italy

From intention to implementation based on European know-how

1 Day, 11.10.2017

Accommodation in the Hotel “Alle Alpi”, Resia

(Meet up and get to know with project partners)

2 Day, 12.10.2017


15.30- 17.00


1. Work meeting in the city hall of Resia with the Head of Administration and public delegates

(Introduction of integration problems from Friuli-Venecia Julia to the refugees’)

2. Visiting the refugee camp in Modjio

(Interview with refugees about the current integration problems)

3. Meeting with representatives of the refugee organizations.

(Introduction to the local government officials helping refugees with the problems of labor integration)

3 Day, 13.10.2017


15.00- 19.00

Opening of meeting at Round table in Udine’s trade center about “Instruments supporting entrepreneurship in Italy”

(Studying the local “know-how” of founding an own business in Italy. Discussing the main points and exchange of opinions from various countries)

Meeting with entrepreneurs from the refugee in the commercial centre “Chitta Fierra”

(Introduction successful experiences of founding a business by migrants. Interview with the owner of the restaurant and meeting with the manager of dry cleaning shop)

4 Day, 14.10.2017


12.30- 19.00

Work meeting – briefing.

Discussing the results of the meeting, corrections and approval of research plans

Excursion around the region Friuli-Venecia Julia

Introduction to the history and culture of region Friuli-Venecia Julia

            5 Day, 15.10.2017

Final briefing

Review and conclusions of the meeting, corrections and approval of the research plans


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